St. Paul’s Hospital|Hong Kong

With respect to the Sisters’ mandate, BCD used the metaphor of the “Tree of Life” to inspire the interior design of the new tower wing with its 12 departments and special care centres.

The main characteristics of the spaces are: bright and even lighting, avoidance of rigid geometry, and the use of warm tones with finishing materials that resemble elements of nature. Just as in nature, every tree goes through a photosynthetic process for growth and rejuvenation, hence the lighting and color palette of each space was very important in the design. We turned to natural lighting wherever possible and field-tested lighting and colour palettes to ensure a human touch and avoid the cold atmospheres of many traditional hospitals.

- The Interior Design Award of The American Architecture Prize 2017 -
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Completed in June 2017
Sisters of St. Paul de Chartres (Hong Kong)